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Don't waste your garage space!

Stylish Garage:

Garages are used to store junk, clutter etc. But once transformed a garage It can become a trend within your own circle of friends. A "Stylish Garage," that can be used as an home office, art studio, coffee parties, bridge parties, kitty parties, guest house, and other specialty rooms. There are lots and lots of endless possibilities to stylishly use your garage and be proud of it rather the hiding it.

Garage converted into a meeting place. This peaceful meeting spot can be used for anything from coffee parties to bridge parties etc.

Design and Decor Tip of the week!

5 ways to update your home!

5.Update or Replace exterior Siding.

The exterior of your home should be updated. Start your remodeling there. Siding, paint and other exterior fixes bring high rates of return. New siding and windows can have some of the highest returns.

As you begin to cover the frame of your home, it's important to understand the two primary functions of the exterior siding.

1- To provide protection from the elements, such as rain, snow or ice.

Design and Decor tip of the weeK!

5 ways to update your home!

4- landscaping

Plant yourself ! offers a great return on investment. An average homeowner spends about $5k for landscaping and another $2k. If you're not sure where to start, contact local garden centers they offer free design services. 

You can also take help from your community for ideas and ask the neighbors what works for them. 

Focus on making your walkway and doorway a focal point. Alternate some nice green and flowery pots.

Design and Decor Tip of the Week!

5 Ways To update your home!

3- Home Addition to Add Value:
A two-story addition that includes 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a cozy den upstairs, New Kitchen, Living room with a fire place, Family room, Dining Room, GrandMa's bedroom and a fancy Powder Room downstairs is a huge investment - costing on average, $450,000. 

You'll see about  250,000 of that investment coming back to you at sale time. 

Before you start a large project, know the value of your home and the value of the biggest, best home in your immediate neighborhood.

Design n Decor tip of the Week!

5 ways to update your home!

2. Bathroom Remodel:
It is the smallest room in the house, remodeling the bath can be relatively inexpensive, even when you replace everything. Putting in a new tub, tiles, vanity, countertop, medicine cabinet, light fixture, floor tile, paint and wall paper will cost about $10,000. You'll see $17,000, at resale.To get a higher rate of return, replace your old tub with new shower stall. Price is about $800 $1500. Fixtures and finishes, should be neutral.

Design and Decor tip of the week

5 ways to update your home!

1- Kitchen Remodeling.

Got an older kitchen? Update by changing cabinets and replacing appliances. Top off your remodeling with Granite counter tops and tile flooring for a total average cost of $20,000. Your newly Remodeled kitchen will bring in around $35, 000 at resale. It's also possible to make appealing, neutral kitchen or bath upgrades without spending a lot of money with a cost effective contractor. If your home is worth more than $500,000, go with stone or eco friendly counter tops.
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