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Project Marion Demo Phase 1 Video.

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Project Marion Demo
Farah Homes Construction and Design. Watch this Video in HD.Music:"Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla", sound recording administered by:SME "Enigma-Mea Culpa Part II", sound recording administered b...
Watch the Video in HD.
New Home Construction.

Project Marion Step 2 Demo!

Marion Before Demo.

Day 1 Demo!


1. Time
2. Budget
3. Cost control
4. rain

Day 2 Demo!

Wall saved for electric supply for
cost effective construction
Day 3 Demo

Project Marion Step 1. Pre Demo Meeting

Step By Step Construction Process.
Pre-Demo Meeting


1. Time.
2. Labor.
3. debris.
4. Excavation in 3 days.
5. Upcoming Holidays.

Decided to do after Thanksgiving break.

Up-and-coming New Construction Projects

Before Demo

Architectural Plans of the New home to be!
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