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Defining Spaces

Staging pictures

Home Staging!

Love at First Sight: A buyer needs to fall in love with the home at first sight regardless! 

A home listed for sale needs to stand out among the competition. Home Staging will make your property stand out and get you a quick sale with top $$$s.

"Un staged home attracts bargain buyers Vs a home nicely staged and esthetically pleasing." 

MINOR improvements creates MAJOR impact!!

For more info on staging call Farah at 510-676-4336 and don't forget I do face time consultation!

Decorative trims

Crown Moldings:

Aesthetically pleasing home gets the prime attention and a higher value. Crown moldings, Wainscoting, Chair railings,
Shadow boxes, Crawford ceilings etc are ways to add more attention to details in your home.

Typically a buyer should walk into a house and just say, "Wow I want my home to be like this." I've heard this numerous times during my open house of the newly built or remodeled homes. My response always is defining a space is very easy and cost effective but at the same time it can get tricky when defining that right space.
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