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Colors play an important role!

Colors and their importance in your home!


The color Purple is the best color to stimulate your Fortune and Wealth. In History it was the most expensive color to make, and was used only for those in positions of honor and power, so only royalty wore purple because the hue was difficult to find.

Purple is also associated with wisdom, dignity, independence at the same time it has creativity, mystery, magic and sexuality. It was the favorite color of Cleopatra.

It is a combination of blue and red. Red is an active energy rich color while blue is calming and voluminous.

Colors and Their Importance in your home!


The color Pink represents compassionate love. It relates to unconditional love, understanding and romance.
At the same time it's feminine characteristic creates affectionate, intimate, thoughtful understanding and caring.

Pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings.

It calms and reassures our negative emotions, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves. Pink is often used in girls room and it has been very successful to calm the temper tantrums.

Colors and their Importance in your home!

Colors in Your Life:

Color is very happy, warm, stimulating, and looks grand. It plays an important role in human psychology. It helps get attention and stimulate the intellect. Yellow also encourages hope and optimism, and is very refreshing when muted. It is a very social, Enriching, Cheerful color at the same time it brings warmth, richness, hope, fertility and Sincerity.

Yellow is commonly associated with light and the sun. Like the sun,the color is very warm, uplifting, cheerful and happy.

Colors and their importance in your home!

Colors in your life:

Walls are considered as main strength and it needs proper attention. Wall colors should be aesthetically pleasing and it should reflect our inner self. Wall color influences the mood and style and appearance of the house. Colors make a positive or negative impact on your mood. 

Before selecting the color for your room you should analyze your room and make sure which color will look good. It all depends on the size, shape and direction of light. Colors look different in different lights and shades.

Colors play an important role!

5 painting tips.

1. Dark red walls brings down the brightness of the surroundings, providing a feeling of being surrounded by the room. They also set neutral furniture off.

2. To work with bright yellow is tricky but if done right it looks refreshing. Select the upholstery and accessories to match the walls. Accessorize with painting or a floral or patterned fabric that combines different bright colors.

3. Dark Olive green walls can blend beautifully with mahogany furniture, because the contrasting colors are found in nature.
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