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Before and After

This home had unique challenges. 

In the before pictures you can see that kitchen was small, congested, and dated. 

The family room had a dated fireplace and also room looked small.

Customer wanted to remodel so that his home looked modern, open, and with fresh colors. 
To make the home open we proposed:
1) Raising the kitchen ceiling, moving the pocket door from the current location into a new location in the back. 
2) Moving the pocket door from front of the kitchen to the back providing access to the dining room.

Best Time to Buy & Sell

Buying a house is  the largest and/or most important investment you will ever make. Getting the timing right can help you save money and hassle. 

The busiest time in the real estate calendar is spring, and this can mean a lot of new properties are put on the market. However, there are many buyers on the market too, and typically the prices of homes at this time will peak with multiple offers. Prices will Not Fall unless it is a recession year! 

So Spring is thebest time to sell.Typically from February through May.

Remodeling your kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen? 

Who will you call to install the new kitchen cabinets? You can ask the Cabinet Maker to make recommendations but confirm that whom ever you hire - has a license as a contractor in California, has insurance, and bonded. 

Many stores are installing cabinets, flooring, and other work to assist their customer. But many of the installers and the store are not licensed to do the work. This puts your project at risk, and also the home owner is liable for accidents and workmen's compensation.

Handyman Wanted?

Handyman wanted? 

Farah Homes Construction provides some services at low prices. 

Farah Homes everyday services come with a piece of mind that if something goes wrong with the 
small project, there is insurance to cover for the service, complete with warranty, quality of work and the lower price 
you are looking for.  

Call Farah Homes @ 510-676-4336 or email info@farahhomes.com for simple services. 

California Handyman Laws
It's against the law in California for a handyman to work without a license for work whose total value of the project exceeds $500 which includes labor and materials.

Farah Homes Careers

Work for Farah Homes Construction

Home Designers
Construction Project Managers
Independent Real Estate Developers

Send us your resume at info@farahhomes.com

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Farah Homes has a vision to create a new kind of construction company that would offer today's Entrepreneur a clear path to achieve financial success and create a brand name for them selves in the Home Design and Construction Trade. 

Farah Ghatala, Farah Homes Founder, felt that construction process for residential and commercial projects was stuck in stone age, and one could see these results.

Contractor Insurance is Important.

Does your contractor or handyman have insurance? 

When you hire a contractor to perform work on your property, you should find out that the contractor has these 2 kinds 
of insurance:
  • General Liability Insurance.  This insurance will cover damage if the contractor’s accident or error causes damage to your property or a neighbor’s property.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance.  This insurance will provide coverage if the contractor’s employee is injured while working on the job at your property.

Trades which require City Permit

If you are doing a remodel and it touches the following functions you will need permit from the city. This is not all inclusive, there are many more. But check with your city for complete and accurate requirements. 

1. Room additions - adding square footage to the home. 
2. Doing any kind of Electrical work. 
3. Doing any Gas work. 
4. Plumbing changes should be permitted. But if you add a extra water tap outside, this may not be problem. 
5. All structural changes to the home - this includes adding decks.

New Custom Home cheaper then a used Home.

It is possible that one can get a New Custom Home and have it be cheaper then an older used home. 

This is for those families that require a larger 4 to 5 rooms, and 3.5+ baths, and 2+ car garage property living In Bay Area California.

There are 2 options: 
Option 1 - the cheaper option. Buy a small home and modify it enough to make it bigger. You are simply 
adding the bedrooms and bath rooms needed. Renovate as needed. 

Option 2 - Destroy the old home, and make it brand new. 

Up-and-coming New Construction Projects

Before Demo

Architectural Plans of the New home to be!

Require 240 volt outlet for Tesla.

It seems that there are many people getting Tesla here in the Bay Area. 

Congratulations, If you are getting a Tesla Motor Car.  

With the purchase of the Tesla you will need an external 240 volt wall connector in the Garage. 
Farah Homes is positioned to provide this service to you. 

If you require a Mobile Connector: 
To take full advantage of your Tesla Mobile Connector, work with Farah Homes' electrician to install a 240 volt outlet where you plan to park your Model S.
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