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Jr Seismic retrofit Project Manager Position!

Title: Jr. Seismic Retrofit Project Manager and Construction Foreman. 
City: Bay Area California.
Farah Homes Construction is looking for a Recent Graduate, from a certified Construction Training Institute in Construction and Project Management field. The individual will be a part of a field team in the assistance and deployment of Seismic Projects in the bay area. The Ideal person will eventually grow into a leadership position in seismic project implementation.
Ideal candidate will wear multiple hats.

Project Marion Demo Phase 1 Video.

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Project Marion Demo
Farah Homes Construction and Design. Watch this Video in HD.Music:"Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla", sound recording administered by:SME "Enigma-Mea Culpa Part II", sound recording administered b...
Watch the Video in HD.
New Home Construction.

Homes and Lots available NOW.


Current Homes available in Mission School District. 

2 Homes that could be transformed into a mordern larger home. 

Call Farah Homes, and see what we do to make a custom home for you on these properties, and help save you money. 

Construction loan is available. 

Call quickly before they are gone. 

Call Farah

Project Marion Step 2 Demo!

Marion Before Demo.

Day 1 Demo!


1. Time
2. Budget
3. Cost control
4. rain

Day 2 Demo!

Wall saved for electric supply for
cost effective construction
Day 3 Demo

Prop 60, Prop 90 what it means to you.

Proposition 60 pertains to a regulation passed in California in 1986.  It pertains to someone over the age of 55 who sells a house that has a tax assessment that is very low in comparison to the current fair market value.  This is due to the restrictions placed on property tax increases by Prop 13.

The homeowner would like to sell and buy another home, but they would like to keep their current low assessment.  This law allows them to sell and buy another home for as much or less than their sales price.


Real Esate Professionals provide the following advice on Zillow. 

People either swear by Zillow or swear at Zillow depending on how their house is valued.  Today, Zillow may be a blight on humanity.  Tomorrow it will be better, let us hope, but it may be useful to check Zillow to get an idea of value.

As most Realtors know, you have to look at Zillow with a studied eye and realize that there are some strange valuations.  If houses are standard as they are in many areas of California, you can get a better idea by looking at several nearby houses and averaging the value from that.

Project Marion Step 1. Pre Demo Meeting

Step By Step Construction Process.
Pre-Demo Meeting


1. Time.
2. Labor.
3. debris.
4. Excavation in 3 days.
5. Upcoming Holidays.

Decided to do after Thanksgiving break.

Watch out for lead

This blog is to inform you about potential Lead in your home. If you are buying a older home you should be aware that older homes have lead, and that precautions need to be taken. 

Lead Exposure can become a serious Health Issue

Exposure to lead is dangerous to young kids and to some degree to adults too. Although for adults it takes a higher exposure for serious complications to occur. Adults who have had mildly high lead levels often recover without problems.

Lead is much more harmful to children than adults because it can affect children's developing nerves and brains.

7 Reasons to Buy a House Before 2014

US News & World Report. Sep 18, 2013 
By Sabah Karimi 

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a home, the last quarter of 2013 might just be the time to do it.
Rates on fixed-rate loans are still appealing, and experts say it's still cheaper to buy than rent. Some financial institutions are also a little more lax with their loan qualification requirements this year.
Here are seven reasons to buy a home by the end of the year:
1. Mortgage rates are still dropping.

Construction Pricing

Farah Homes Construction Pricing is comprised of the following components. 

1. Construction Labor Pay, and taxes. 
2. Labor Insurance / benefits as mandated by federal and local laws. 
3. Workman's Compensation as mandated by local law. 
4. Company General liability Insurance as mandated by California State Licensing Board. 
5. Company Operational expense, such support staff and their salaries, and general office expenditures. 
6. Construction Warranties to our customers.
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